Authenticity and Ambition: Ant’s Story at Networking London @ Linden House

Authenticity and Ambition: Ant’s Story at Networking London @ Linden House
Eva Luitsz from Studio Melrose and Michael Farquharson from the economy team at Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Last week, Networking London hosted the May Edition of at the picturesque Linden House on the Hammersmith Riverside. The evening was packed with insightful talks on entrepreneurship, personal journeys, and the importance of community support, all designed to keep the crowd motivated and connected.

Keynote Speaker: Ant Duckworth from Dear Coco

The highlight of the night was a riveting talk by Ant Duckworth, who recently transitioned from his role as a Global Marketing Director at American Express. Ant captivated our members and guests with his story of launching a coffee truck business while juggling a full-time job. He spoke passionately about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in building a strong online presence. Ant’s journey from a single coffee truck to a thriving enterprise aims to inspire other aspiring coffee entrepreneurs.

Insights on Entrepreneurship and Networking

Throughout his presentation, Ant shared the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial path. Despite initial doubts from his partner and the challenges of starting a business during a pandemic, Ant's venture quickly gained popularity. His coffee truck, Dear Coco, was featured in Pretty City London and caught the eye of social media influencers, boosting its rapid success. Ant's transparency and genuine connection with his audience on and offline led to substantial online growth and attracted potential investors.

West London Chamber Business Awards

Ant's story was further enriched by insights from Alan Rides, CEO of the West London Chamber of Commerce. Alan emphasised the vital role of networking events and announced the upcoming 2024 West London Business Awards (see useful links below), which will celebrate and recognise entrepreneurial achievements throughout West London.

Olya's Camino Journey

Our members and guests were also encouraged to support Olya Velychenko’s remarkable endeavour of walking 300km from Porto to Santiago de Compostela to raise funds for medical supplies for her native Ukraine. Her journey embodies the spirit of giving and supporting those in need. To donate or to follow Olya's trip, please visit her website (link below).

Upcoming Business Networking Events and Opportunities

The event concluded with a preview of upcoming opportunities for attendees to stay engaged and inspired. This includes the two events we are hosting in June.

International Tech event during London Tech Week

West London Chamber Business Awards 2024 G-Tech Stadium - Home of Brentford FC