Venture X White City Launch Event was a huge success!

Our last business networking event in Hammersmith was held at the launch party of Venture X on the 24th February.

A sunset view from the Venture X x White City workspace (Credit: Bini Naandra)
Credit: Bini Nandra

by Evelyn White

Venture X provided us with the ideal venue bringing our members and guests together to cultivate valuable networking opportunities.

The event kicks off at the new, scenic Venture X venue. (Credit: Bini Nandra)

The event was a major success with a fantastic turnout. Chris Lukins, the owner of Venture X White City, described the journey from concept to completion. He was supported by Michael White, who flew over from California especially for the opening.

The Venture X vision is to be ‘globally owned but locally managed’.

One of the highlights from the evening was cutting the Ribbon with Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith and Fulham. Andy recognised the hard work put in by Chris and his team. To have the support of our local Member of Parliament despite challenging political events abroad, showed more than ever the importance of communities coming together.

Left to right: Amelia Sadat, Chris Lukins, Andy Slaughter, Michael White, Christina Ciravenga cutting the ribbon to celebrate Venture X White City venue opening (Credit: Bini Nandra)

Our networking events are attended by the business and enterprise team at the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Not only do we bring people and businesses together, we provide work experience for young people.

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Check out Venture X White City

Located at 1 Ariel Way (Westfield London) and boasting awesome view of West London’s media and fashion savvy neighbourhood, Venture X White city features ample outdoor terraces, a podcast studio and boardroom meeting facilities.

For information about booking a workspace or meeting room at Venture X please contact:

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David Afrifa-Mensah from WebFX speaking with other guests. Credit: Bini Nandra

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