The Gym for People who Hate Gyms

1Rebel - a no contract, high intensity, dual studio fitness concept has arrived in Hammersmith!

The Gym for People who Hate Gyms

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Forget everything you know about gyms. 1Rebel is all about no-contract ‘pay-as-you-train’ intense fitness sessions designed to inspire, motivate and get you seriously moving. Check out their 20% off offer at the bottom of the page.

Choose your intense workout -  Rumble (burn hard and HIIT hard in this cardio/boxing reboot), ReShape (45 minutes of physical tenacity aimed at remoulding your body) or Rounds (a tasty mix of the two).

Prepare to test your endurance as you tackle the cardio killers that are the assault bike and rower. These are interspersed with rounds on their infamous Rebel bench, where you'll get down and dirty with weight sequences, and time on the rig, the ultimate playground for bodyweight, kettlebell and pull up bar moves. Designed to work your full body, boost your fitness and endurance, and build and tone muscle, for a complete sweat inducing session.

Amazing, best session yet and so motivational! James
What a great new concept! Loved it Nick

Networking London members get 20% off!

Speak to Hammersmith Branch manager Naomi